Drug Tunnel Between Mexico and California

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A drug tunnel allegedly dug by a Mexican cartel has yielded 14 tons of Marijuana, according to US and Mexican authorities.

The tunnel is 400 yards long and consists of structural supports, sufficient ventilation, and electrical lights, according to ABC News.

The opening of the tunnel was inside a warehouse filled with six tons of marijuana, according to ABC News.

Authorities stopped a van outside the warehouse which was in the process of transporting another three tons of marijuana, according to ABC News.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the tunnel, Mexican authorities found five more tons of marijuana in a warehouse by the Tijuana airport, according to ABC News.

The packages of marijuana were stamped with a picture of Captain America, which Mexican authorities claim is a logo used by a Sinaloa-based drug cartel, according to ABC News.

US and Mexico authorities have discovered 75 underground tunnels in the past three years, many of which were located in warehouses like the one in Tijuana, according to ABC News.

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