Man Shot and Killed by Roseville Police

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Police shot and killed a Roseville man outside of his apartment Thursday night while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

The Pioneer Press starts the story with some background on Wayne Malone and depicts his active role in the neighborhood. Malone shoveled sidewalks during the winter and always patrolled the apartment building he lived in, which led neighbors to believe he was a helpful and protective man.

However, last summer Malone was threatening to kill some of the apartment residents, family members and police told the Pioneer Press.

When officers arrived at the apartment responding to the domestic disturbance call, Malone was armed with a pistol, Roseville police said. Witnesses told the Pioneer Press that two officers fired around seven or eight shots.

The owner of the apartment building told the Pioneer Press that he could not believe Malone would threaten officers because "he wouldn't hurt a flea."

The owner also told the Pioneer Press that Malone had rented from him for twenty years.

The remaining 40 residents were put on a Metro Transit bus for seven hours before they could enter the apartment building again around 4 am.

Caretaker David Spriggs told the Pioneer Press that Malone was a "stand-up guy."

Police know Malone to be a much more violent and dangerous man, demonstrated by the police records attributed by the Pioneer Press.

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