Obituary: Ritchie, tomato and machine expert

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Lewis M. Ritchie of western Wisconsin died in his Minnetonka home Sunday at age 94 and was known for his tomatoes and his love for machines.

Ritchie's wife of 69 years, Genevieve, told the Star Tribune, "I got big pails just full of tomatoes."

Ritchie's son Dennis told the Star Tribune that anytime someone visited Ritchie, he would make them leave with bags of his vegetables.

Ritchie started out attending a one-room school in Wisconsin and worked on the family farm until he was 23 and married his wife, according to the Star Tribune.

He then continued to enlist in the Army Air Corps during WWII as an airplane mechanic, according to the Star Tribune.

Ritchie's son told the Star Tribune that he remembers his father taking advanced math classes to "improve his skills" as a machinist in a Minneapolis Honeywell Plant.

His son also told the Star Tribune that his father made parts designed by engineers for the space program to see if they would actually function.

Though he retired from working at the plant, he could not stop pursuing his passion of machines. He began teaching at a night school, now Anoka Technical College, according to the Star Tribune.

Ritchie's wife told the Star Tribune that her husband especially enjoyed teaching Hmong students because he told her they were eager to learn.

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