Raid in Rio

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Special forces in Rio de Janeiro's invaded the largest shanty town to regain control of the hill infested with drugs and violent gangs Monday.

The previous night, 3,000 troops wrestled in the early morning against drug traffickers who fled the hill without a single gun shot, according to CNN who uses this scene to start the story.

The aftermath includes streets lined with piles upon piles of trash and a mess of electrical wires on top of the houses.

By Monday, the food stalls were back to normal with hanging strings of garlic and motorcycle taxis filled the winding streets, according to CNN.

One of the condos on the hill was owned by top drug trafficker Antonio Francisco Bomfin who was captured by police just a few days earlier, according to CNN.

All electrical appliances were ripped out of Bomfin's vacant condo and empty bottles of whiskey were scattered throughout the house, according to CNN.

Luis Machado, an officer who was searching door to door following the raid, told CNN that many of the drug traffickers are gone and some are in hiding. By continuing to search, Machado says the forces will find those in hiding as well as the weapons that others left behind.

Police raided the hill in order to clean up Rocinha for the World Cup and the Olympic Games coming up in the next few years. They also want to transform the hill once ridden with drugs and gangs into a family-friendly neighborhood, according to CNN.

An 18-year-old woman, Juliete, told CNN that this area needs running water, proper sewage, and things for young people to do if it is going to be a neighborhood.

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