Twin Cities Supermarkets Deprived of Eggs

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Local supermarkets pulled eggs from their shelves Saturday due to animal abuse on the farms that they buy from.

The Star Tribune begins the story with an inside look at the confusion in a Midway SuperTarget.

The SuperTarget posted a sign where the eggs used to be that read "Eggs are not available at this location," according to the Star Tribune.

Missie Weiss, a SuperTarget shopper, had to ask where the eggs were after doing a double-take and told the Star Tribune she thought she was losing her mind.

Target Corp. pulled all of the eggs they bought from Sparboe farms due to a recently released video containing animal abuse at the farm, according to the Star Tribune.

Some Targets in the Midwest were still able to sell another brand they carried, while others will be without eggs for a few days, according to the Star Tribune.

This decision was sparked by McDonald's discontinuing of purchasing Sparboe Farms eggs Friday, according to the Star Tribune.

SuperValu Inc., based in Eden Prairie, also announced that it will no longer distribute Sparboe Farms products, as spokesman Mike Siemienas was quoted in the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune then closed the story with a scene back at the Midway SuperTarget, this time quoting shopper Amy Wagner expressing her opinion on the minor inconvenience and telling the Star Tribune she is happy that the animals are being taken care of.

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