British Strike

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Britain is currently undergoing one of the biggest walkouts in UK history, according to CNN's American Morning segment.

After a brief introduction, the anchor hands the story off to Erin McLaughlin outside of St. Thomas hospital in London who claims to be among the protestors, but really there is a small peaceful huddle of people behind her consisting of maybe 15 people. This is extremely jolting because the b-roll used to introduce the topic is of the actual violence and chaotic riots that have been going on, and then there is an abrupt cut to basically a quiet scene outside of a hospital.

About 400,000 people are on strike because the government is proposing a plan for more public sector workers to increase their contributions to pensions, according to McLaughlin.

Chris Remmington, a union leader, tells McLaughlin that the money [the public sector workers] have invested in their pensions is being wasted and that he believes all of their benefits will be taken from them.

Remmington claims the public sector workers are being "robbed blind," as told to McLaughlin.

Currently, hospitals are only offering limited services and the ambulances are working in emergency-only situations, Remmington told McLaughlin.

The segment ends with McLaughlin quickly stating the government's side, which is that British people are living longer lives and therefore need to start investing more money into their pensions.

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