Drunk Passenger Causes Crash

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A drunk passenger of a vehicle caused who caused a car accident on 1-94 last spring is facing criminal charges, according to WCCO.

Mollie Lenzi was celebrating her birthday in St. Paul with three friends, one of which was the designated driver, according to WCCO.

On the drive home, Lenzi grabbed the steering wheel and turned it resulting in the car crashing into the median, according to the police report.

The driver broke a few ribs and Lenzi also went to the hospital, according to WCCO.

The trooper who talked to Lenzi at the hospital noted that her eyes were bloodshot, and watery, her speech was slurred and he could smell alcohol, according to WCCO.

Lenzi's blood-alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit, according to WCCO.

"The statute regarding DWI clearly states that a person only needs to be in physical control of the vehicle," police told WCCO. "In this particular case, that physical control was the passenger grabbing the steering wheel and causing that vehicle to crash."

The charges against Lenzi are only allegations at this point, Lenzi's lawyer told WCCO.

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