Smells Like Dead Fish

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Hundreds of dead fish were found about ten miles east of Leech Lake a few days ago by a local hunter, according to WCCO.

The hunter told Bob Auel, a fisherman and summer fishing guide, about the pile of fish, according to WCCO.

The pile of fish was about two feet deep and were dumped recently, Auel told WCCO.

The pile consisted of about 200-300 dead fish, including Tullibees, Muskies, five-pound Northerns, and 30" Walleyes, Auel told WCCO.

"They cleaned the Walleyes, which were the best ones, and left the rest of the fish to rot," Auel said. "I mean, it's Wanton Waste."

It took Auel an hour just to locate the pile of fish because it was so deep in the woods, he told WCCO.

"It's a natural resource for all of us to use and respect," Auel said. "Not just take what we want and throw the rest away."

Auel reported this to State Conservation Officers and Leech Lake Reservation Conservation Officers in hopes of an investigation, according to WCCO.

There is a stiff law for Wonton Waste under Tribal law which includes a $100 fine plus $20 for each dead fish, according to WCCO.

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