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British Strike

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Britain is currently undergoing one of the biggest walkouts in UK history, according to CNN's American Morning segment.

After a brief introduction, the anchor hands the story off to Erin McLaughlin outside of St. Thomas hospital in London who claims to be among the protestors, but really there is a small peaceful huddle of people behind her consisting of maybe 15 people. This is extremely jolting because the b-roll used to introduce the topic is of the actual violence and chaotic riots that have been going on, and then there is an abrupt cut to basically a quiet scene outside of a hospital.

About 400,000 people are on strike because the government is proposing a plan for more public sector workers to increase their contributions to pensions, according to McLaughlin.

Chris Remmington, a union leader, tells McLaughlin that the money [the public sector workers] have invested in their pensions is being wasted and that he believes all of their benefits will be taken from them.

Remmington claims the public sector workers are being "robbed blind," as told to McLaughlin.

Currently, hospitals are only offering limited services and the ambulances are working in emergency-only situations, Remmington told McLaughlin.

The segment ends with McLaughlin quickly stating the government's side, which is that British people are living longer lives and therefore need to start investing more money into their pensions.

Raid in Rio

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Special forces in Rio de Janeiro's invaded the largest shanty town to regain control of the hill infested with drugs and violent gangs Monday.

The previous night, 3,000 troops wrestled in the early morning against drug traffickers who fled the hill without a single gun shot, according to CNN who uses this scene to start the story.

The aftermath includes streets lined with piles upon piles of trash and a mess of electrical wires on top of the houses.

By Monday, the food stalls were back to normal with hanging strings of garlic and motorcycle taxis filled the winding streets, according to CNN.

One of the condos on the hill was owned by top drug trafficker Antonio Francisco Bomfin who was captured by police just a few days earlier, according to CNN.

All electrical appliances were ripped out of Bomfin's vacant condo and empty bottles of whiskey were scattered throughout the house, according to CNN.

Luis Machado, an officer who was searching door to door following the raid, told CNN that many of the drug traffickers are gone and some are in hiding. By continuing to search, Machado says the forces will find those in hiding as well as the weapons that others left behind.

Police raided the hill in order to clean up Rocinha for the World Cup and the Olympic Games coming up in the next few years. They also want to transform the hill once ridden with drugs and gangs into a family-friendly neighborhood, according to CNN.

An 18-year-old woman, Juliete, told CNN that this area needs running water, proper sewage, and things for young people to do if it is going to be a neighborhood.

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake In Turkey

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A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey Wednesday night and the aftermath is uncertain.

USA Today claims that at least three people died due to the earthquake and that dozens are trapped from the rubble of the previous earthquake.

However, CNN said that there are at least four dead and 50 people are buried according to "officials."

Later, CNN attributes this information to the Turkish Government Crisis Center, who also claims that 16 people have been rescued so far. According to USA Today, the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said 15 people were rescued, alive, and in hospitals.

USA Today does not attribute most of their statistics to any source, but mentions "Turkish media" at one point.

Both CNN and USA Today claim that 22 of 25 buildings that collapsed were empty, but CNN attributes this information to CNN Turk, whereas USA Today attributed Davutoglu saying this personally.

The Turkish Red Crescent dispatched 15,000 tents and around 300 rescue workers, according to USA Today.

According to CNN, the state news agency Anadolu reported an aftershock of 4.4 magnitude.

3 year old boy runs 48 marathons

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Biranchi Das exploited his adopted 3 year old son, Budhia Singh, in Orissa, India when he discovered his gift for running, which resulted in 48 marathons and a near death experience.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Singh's birthmother had sold him when he was three years old for the equivalence of $16.

Das came across Singh because he ran a local orphanage where many poor Indian kids ended up, but the moment that he discovered Singh's athletic talent varies across sources.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Singh was being punished for swearing; Das had left the orphanage for a while, and when he came back, Singh had been running for seven hours.

According to CNN, Das was punishing Singh for "being a bully" and made him run for five hours.

Das was using Singh to live out his dreams of becoming like his childhood role model, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Both sources recount the time that Singh had just completed a 42 mile race in 93-degree heat and Das told him to keep running a couple of miles to a stadium to be recognized. Singh physically was not able to, and his body collapsed and convulsed.

Due to this, the Child Welfare Committee banned Singh from racing until he was 11. According to the Wall Street Journal, Das challenged this decision in court which resulted in Singh's birthmother regaining full custody.

Das was slain in 2008, according to CNN.

Gemma Atwal followed Singh from 2005-2010 and made the documentary known as "Marathon Boy."

Atwal told CNN that Singh is now in a sports academy ran by the state where he will continue earning a free education until he is 17.

Atwal also told CNN that she is extremely concerned with Singh's health and the effects that his training has had on his body.

Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan Claims Unknown Number of Lives

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A suicide bomber drove a car full of explosives into an armored bus in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday and killed American soldiers along with other causalities.

This bombing was the deadliest attack on Americans in Kabul throughout the duration of the war, military officials told The New York Times.

A western diplomat told CNN that it is difficult to know for sure how many casualties there were because not everyone on the bus was on the passenger list.

CNN reported that nine Americans, four Afghans, two British civilians, one Kosovo national, and one Canadian soldier were killed in the suicide bombing.

However, The New York Times reports that at least 12 Americans were killed.

President Hamid Karzai only referenced the Afghans who were killed and their families during a meeting Saturday night, ignoring the other casualties, according to The New York Times.

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