Addicted to Media

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The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda (ICMPA) recently conducted a study involving 200 students from the University of Maryland, College Park. They asked the students to go 24 hours without any media. This included texting, facebook, ipods, radio, magazines - everything.

There were 5 major findings in this survey:

1) Students used terms of addiction to describe their experience. They mentioned mood swings, feeling lonely, making up reasons in their head to justify the need, etc.

2) Students equate media with friends and family.

3) Students are not loyal to news sources, rather they are loyal to their friends and social networking which leads them to the news.

4) 18-21 year-olds prefer texting and Facebook by a lot compared to calling or email.

5) Students missed their iPods more than TV and newspapers.

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