Futbol Vs. Wife

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Puma recently conducted a study with Bristol University to determine what soccer fans love more: soccer or their wives. The men were season-ticket-holders and in long-term relationships.

The study looked at arousal and emotions when the men cut up pictures of their wife compared to cutting up pictures of their favorite soccer team. The men were hooked up to electrodes which measured how much they were sweating. This is how the scientifically operationalized "arousal." Some of the men even opted out of cutting the picture of their favorite soccer team because they did not feel comfortable in doing so.The researcher also looked at the heart-rate of the men to determine their anxiety and arousal.

Next, the men were given two voodoo dolls. One represented their wife and the other represented their favorite soccer player. They had to choose to put a pin in one or the other. Putting a pin in the wife meant she would be in bed for a week, and putting the pin in the player meant he wouldn't play the next game. This was the researcher's way of studying the men on a psychological level.

The researcher's results that men subconsciously love their wives about five times more than they love their favorite soccer team.

This was one of the most interesting studies I've ever heard of. The only downfalls to this study was the sample. First, the sample size consisted of only 20 men. Second, they were all New Castle fans. This obviously is only potentially representative of the New Castle fans who live in that area. It cannot be generalized to even British soccer fans, let alone soccer fans in general. However, I think this study could easily be replicated across the globe, and I would love to find out the results.

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