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In a recent Ad Age article, writer Cotton Delo discusses a recent survey by

The main findings from this survey were that people are actually watching the same amount of television, and sometimes more, as last year. The only difference is that they are consuming television on online streaming sites more often than television. However, the study also found that families are "co-viewing" TV more often. This means that one family member may be streaming television shows online, while another family member in the same room is watching an actual television.

Another interesting result of this study is that only 10% of people who stream content onto their mobile devices are paying for their streamed content.

Though this survey shows an interesting trend in today's television, it is important to look pick apart the sample. The survey had 2,306 respondents out of the 10,000 "self-described TV viewers" on's panel. As we have learned in class, panel's are not always the most reliable sample. First, we do not know if this panel is nationally representative in terms of demographics, or in terms of television content consumption. Also, there could be differences between the people took this particular survey compared to the majority of the panel who did not.

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