Got Milk?

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I found a hilarious ad from the Got Milk? campaign that I had never seen before.

The ad shows men fighting over buying milk, and man who basically robs a milk truck. Towards the end of the ad, the narrator shares that calcium has been found to reduce PMS. Then a man comes home to his wife with a carton of milk and flowers.

This is an older ad from at least 5 years ago. There was a lot of controversy when it came out, and a lot of people thought it was a parody because it is so risque. PMS is not a widely discussed topic, especially in advertising. I think the strategy behind this particular ad was brilliant, though. It tapped in to a different audience by changing their sense of humor a bit. It even used proven data to back up the premise, which I think is very clever. Overall, I think this ad was a smart choice.

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