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When I logged into myu today, I found a brief poll along the right side of the page where I usually do not look. The poll was as follows:

Fall semester is almost over, meaning that finals week is just around the corner! How many finals do you have this semester?
More than 5. Yikes!

This poll is clearly for undergraduate students at the U and is meant to be an informal poll, hence the "Yikes!" The results are as follows:

0 50 votes
1 191 votes
2 391 votes
3 666 votes
4 588 votes
More than 5. Yikes! 186 votes
Total Votes: 2072

So far, there are only 2072 votes, which means this poll is definitely not representative of undergrads at the U. Also, the people who even notice these polls and take them are probably not representative of the undergrad population at the U. That is to say that people who consistently take these polls are different than people who never take these polls.

Interestingly, I found out that you are allowed to vote more than once. I do not understand why that would be an option for this type of poll. Usually, only promotional or contest polls allow that. In this case, it just skews the results if people vote more than once.

I hope the U is not using this poll as a serious look at the life of an undergrad, because of the issues I discussed. I hope it is more of an informal communication to engage undergrads.

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