Sun Chips and Dasani

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Last week, I took a survey through the SJMC studies website. The survey was called "Message Strategy Effects" and was created by Samantha Steinbring.

This survey started with an advertisement from Sun Chips. Following the ad, I was for my opinion on the ad and the brand. Most of the questions used differential semantic questions in which I rated the ad or brand as pleasant/unpleasant, happy/unhappy, and so forth. After I did this for the Sun Chips ad, I was shown an ad by Dasani. I then answered the same questions about the ad and brand.

This study used two ads that emphasized a more "natural" product. Sun Chips focused on using natural ingredients, and Dasani focused on using water in recyclable bottles which are more green. In my opinion, the Sun Chips ad was more exciting and pleasant. It put me in a good mood, and I can see how someone would want to try Sun Chips after that. The Dasani ad did not make me feel anything, and it was rather boring to me. Based on my responses, I think my answers show that I would rather be entertained by an ad than be loaded with information.

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