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Lost police Taser used in Burnsville Subway robbery

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By Georgia Lucas

A missing Taser went unnoticed by Burnsville police for six weeks until it was used to rob a Subway on Jan. 21, news sources report.
The police department is now conducting an investigation into how the missing Taser went unnoticed, the Star Tribune said.
Three 19-year-olds, one of them a former Subway employee who had been fired a week before the robbery, allegedly used the Taser to threaten the lone employee at a Subway at 2921 Cliff Road around 10pm, the Star Tribune reported.
An undisclosed member of the Dakota County Drug Task Force left the Taser behind during a Dec. 5 search of the Eagan home of Jesus Alexandro Ybarra, one of the alleged Subway robbers, the Star Tribune reported.
Capt. Jeff Behnken told the Pioneer Press he believes that the Taser was left on the scene "purely by accident." He also said that he does not know how the missing Taser was not discovered sooner, but that officers in specialty units are individually assigned Tasers and that they do not carry them every day, the Pioneer Press reported.

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