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Event story

It’s a typical day at the fair.

There are crowds of people, mainly parents and their small children, wandering about. One family is drifting apart, with its two children running ahead to the next attraction as their less enthusiastic parents lag behind. A tilt-a-whirl is causing feelings of exhilaration, or as some put it, nausea. There’s also the deep fried food, live entertainment, and an assortment of booths advertising the wares of area businesses.

Only one thing is out of place: It’s February, and this is Duluth.

This is the Fun Fair, an indoor carnival and expo, now in its 14th year, held annually at the DECC in late February.

Described by the event’s organizers as “the perfect cure for cabin fever?, the Fun Fair is strategically held in late winter, a time when, as many Duluthians know, familial tension runs high, making any excuse to get out of the house a welcome one.

“The kids love it? said Mike, a booth holder with Crystal Farms, “And parents appreciate a good family activity at this time of year.?

“It’s fun!? said one child, on her way up to yet another ride down the slide.

This year, the Fun Fair, which is organized by Lundeen Productions out of Duluth and sponsored by a group of local businesses, had over 35 booths offering free samples and information about local businesses. The city of Duluth and UMD each had information booths as well.

The actual carnival, with rides and games typical of a county fair, took up the main floor of the DECC arena.

“It’s a neat little set-up.? said one man while watching his daughter try out the tic-tac-toe game.