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Falconville sketch

The city council approved a new City Administrator position in a unanimous decision at its regular meeting on Thursday, giving the post to Falconville resident Joan Bell. The new administrator, who will report to the city council, will be responsible for preparing an annual budget in addition to other administrative duties.

• I’ll begin the following paragraph with a quote by Vice Mayor Gomez. I’ll describe the general happy mood among the council members and the grumbling among city employees and then I’ll give some background information on Bell.
• I’ll comment on Bell’s salary and what it means for the budget. I’ll also give her take on it.
• I’ll then go into a more thorough description of Bell’s duties as administrator.

Quotations: “This is the wisest move we’ve made in years? – Vice Mayor Luis Gomez
“I think it’s justified when you see what other areas we serve in by consolidation duties into one office.? – Joan Bell
“We added $90,000 to that part of the budget, but cut several times that from other parts.? – Mayor Henry Smith

I think this meeting deserves a few more stories to cover it. The fence issue, the various budget cuts, the garbage fee issue, the sister city plan, and the loading dock issue all deserve stories of their own.