Man accused of bank robbery, mad at bank

A St. Paul bank robber was identified Tuesday by an employee of a gym in the same building as the bank.

Lifetime Fitness employees watched video taken by their cameras near the building's entry and the front desk and were able to identify the man, according to the Star Tribune. Authorities said this was the same gym where the man once worked out.

Michael Lewis Johnson, 54, is accused of robbing the Wells Fargo Bank in St. Paul on Tuesday afternoon. The Pioneer Press reported that, according to the FBI, he walked into the bank at 2145 Ford Parkway, handed a teller a note stating, "You're being robbed. Don't say or do anything. Just put the cash on the counter," and walked out with money totaling approximately $4,255.

The Pioneer Press reported that Johnson told authorities that he was "angry at Wells Fargo because of overdraft fees he had incurred there" and was "broke and had a lot of bills," according to a criminal complaint made public Friday.

Both the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune confirm that St. Paul and Minneapolis police and FBI agents searched Johnson's home Wednesday.

A federal complaint stated that Johnson told authorities he hid the stolen cash in a cutout ceiling tile in the corner of his basement. Authorities found $3,936 and clothes matching those worn by the robber.

The Star Tribune reported that Johnson was arrested and taken to the Ramsey County jail.

Johnson was charged in federal court Friday with bank robbery, according to the Pioneer Press.

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