University budget cuts make "no sense"

The University of Minnesota's Rochester campus may be closed in reaction to recent budget cuts posed by the Legislature.

$243 million in cuts was recently proposed by the Senate finance committee. Business Journal reported this as deeper than both the House plan or Gov. Mark Dayton's proposal.

Robert Bruininks, University of Minnesota President, said in a statement that this would return to 1998 levels of state support and the public funding cuts to the university make "no sense". He argued that "the university generates a 13:1 return on the state's investment."

The Post-Bulletin reported that a press release sent out Tuesday by DFL Rep. Tina Liebling stated "University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks told legislators that budget cuts might force the university to close the Rochester campus."

The cuts are proposed in light of the state's $5 billion deficit.

"If the legislature chooses to solve a decade's worth of state financial mismanagement by pulling the rug out from under the University of Minnesota," Bruininks said to Business Journal, "the damage will be statewide and permanent."

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