Minneapolis Police giving marijuana to Twin Cities residents sparks lawsuit

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Six Twin Cities residents filed a lawsuit to sue the Minneapolis Police Department on Friday in response to the allegation that MPD paid these individuals large amounts of marijuana and observed their behavior, news sources report.

The plaintiffs include Adam Laguna, Michael Bounds, Forest Oliver, Daniel Bell, Wia Day, and Zachary Lorenz, which may of these individuals are homeless, the Pioneer Press reported. The plaintiffs are asking for $1 million for the damages they have received, in which individuals like Bounds suffered from epilepsy and schizophrenia, Star Tribune reported.

All these individuals suffered from the effects of the Drug Recognition Evaluator program (DRE). This program is consisted of over 200 police officers in Minnesota, but has since been suspended, the Star Tribune reported. The program allowed the officers to give individuals drug and observed their actions while they got high, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Attorney Nathan Hansen claims that his clients were treated like "human guinea pigs," which infringed upon their dignity, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

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