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In the Pioneer Press' article "St. Paul K-9 killer fatally shot by police had been charged in girl's sex abuse" is simple to read because of how well the story is structured.

The author first starts with explaining who was the killer and why his death is significant. Then the author moves onto where and how the shooting took place. Then the author ends with describing the victim of this case, the K-9 officer that was killed.

The story was effective in the sense the the reader could have read the first three paragraphs and known everything about the case, but I do believe that there is a more effective way to describe what happened to the K-9 officer.

What I do not like about this news story is how they spend a major portion talking about the K-9 who was killed. I think the story should have focused on the history of Anderson and ended the story with the thankfulness of K-9 officers and with the heartfelt quote from the police department.

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Nice job on the blog, Martha.

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