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Multimedia Options

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In the New York Times' article "In Medical First, a Baby with HIV Is Deemed Cured" and Huffington Post's article "Baby Born With HIV Apparently Cured, Say Scientists" both lack incorporate uses of multimedia to engage the reader.

Neither of these articles have a clip about the news breaking story. This would be an easy way to engage the reader instead of them having to read a long article about this medical breakthrough, which may seem boring yet important to the reader. To ensure that they receive the information they want sometimes listening to a minute clip is easier than reading a 10 paragraph story.

Though both organizations show handles for the consumer to share this story on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and email it does not aggregate tweets or Facebook posts that the organization has sent out about this topic.

On the bottom of the page both stories give the consumers a chance to sound off on the story and voice their opinions.

The stories also lack visual interest because there are no photos or breaks within the texts. The text overwhelms the reader because it goes on for a great length.

If these organizations incorporated more multimedia options to their stories I think they would appear more appealing to a great variety of people.

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