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New York law limiting amoung of sugary drinks is overturned

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The law that would have restricted the size of sugary drink in New York was struck down by a judge Monday, news sources reported.

Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling stated that restricting the amount and sizes of sugary drinks bought in New York was "arbitrary and capricious," FOX News reported.

The New York law would have banned drinks being larger than 16 ounces being bought at any establishments, except convenience stores and grocery stores, US News reported.

The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed the law last May to help lower the rate of obesity, New York Times reported.

Bloomberg planned on implementing the law Tuesday and to be collecting fines if businesses had not switched to the new regulated cup sizes, US News reported.

The judges also said that the law had many inconsistencies such as what types of beverages were considered sugary drinks, New York Times reported.

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