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Large Data Sets

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On's website there was a link to the story titled, "The Hell of American Day Cares."

In the story the author references a number of statistics. For example, there are 8.2 million children that in the day care system in the United States. A majority of these statistics come from surveys released by various institutions, such as the National Institute of Child Health Development. Because of the number of statistics in the story the author had to crunch a variety of numbers in many different ways to make them easy to read for the reader. The author also had to search for the numerous surveys they used in their reporting on the internet.

The author kept the story engaging first by paralleling these statistics to a single mother that has had had her children in day care and a particular incident that changed her life. The author included pictures of the single mother and her children, as well as a video of the news coverage of the incident that happened at the daycare her children were at. Finally, the author included other shots of the incident and block quotes that allows the lengthy article to be broken into smaller and more manageable segments.

Parole denied for Russian band

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A Russian court denied parole to a member of the band Pussy Riot on Friday, news sources reported.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, who has served half of her required sentence after staging a protest about Vladimir Putin in Moscow's cathedral, has been denied parole, USA Today reported.

Her parole was denied because she did "not always follow the rules of behavior," said Judge Lidiya Yakovleva to Huffington Post.

Other band members have served time for the protest conduct in March 2012, USA Today reported.

All the band members were charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, the Huffington Post reported.

"Both the Pussy Riot girls and those lads who desecrate soldiers' graves should answer before the law. We don't convict people for their political views but for breaking the law," Putin said to USA Today.

Light rail in St. Paul

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The light rail made a test run on the Central Corridor track in St. Paul on Sunday, news sources reported.

The train was towed down the Green Line, otherwise known as the Central Corridor, connecting downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, MPR News reported.

There is no power running to the train yet, but crews were verifying clearance, the Pioneer Press reported.

The test run took a total of five hours, Pioneer Press reported.

The train will be towed back to Minneapolis on Wednesday, MPR News reported.

The light rail is the most complex and largest public-works project in state history and is 92 percent completed, MPR News reported.

The project is expected to be officially completed in 2014, Pioneer Press reported.

Uber app approved

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"E-hailing" services were made available to cab drivers in New York City Friday, news sources reported.

Uber Technologies, Inc. developed an app that allowed people to "e-hail" a cab and was selected by Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky, NBC News reported.

The city developed a plan that allowed the app to have a test run that lasts for one year, ABC News reported.

There is now controversy between yellow and livery cabs, ABC News reported.

A Supreme Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by livery cab drivers Tuesday that claimed Uber's app takes away livery cab services, NBC News reported.

The judge also lifted an order that had banned the services that the Uber app provides, NBC News reported.

Student from Minnesota found dead in Arizona

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A student who was born in Minnesota and lived here for the majority of her life was found dead in Arizona Tuesday, news sources reported.

Rebecca Kasper, 19, a student at Arizona State University in Tempe, Ariz. was found handcuffed and beaten in a bathtub in her boyfriend's apartment, the Pioneer Press reported.

Kasper's boyfriend, Luis Soltero, is a suspect in the case and held at Maricopa County jail on suspicion of first-degree premeditated murder, the Star Tribune reported.

Soltero's bail is $1 million, the Pioneer Press reported.

Kasper lived in Northfield and St. Cloud for the majority of her life until she moved to Arizona to attend the business school at Arizona State University, the Star Tribune reported.

Netflix changes business approach

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Netflix announced Monday that it will begin buying new original programming to satisfy its customers, news sources reported.

An example of the new programming that Netflix will continue to buy is the political drama "House of Cards," the LA Times reported.

By implementing this program Netflix add 2 million during the first quarter of 2013, ABC News reported.

Many of the big content deals that Netflix has negotiated brings little customer appeal, said Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings to LA Times.

Other companies like CBS and Viacom may be in jeopardy because of Netflix's new business approach, LA Times reported.

Netflix has made a profit of $3 million this quarter, ABC News reported.

Glee scheduled for season 5 and 6

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FOX announced Friday that "Glee" would be airing until 2015, news sources reported.

The series based on a high school music club debuted in 2009, the New York Times reported.

Since its debut, "Glee" has had more than 50 million downloads of their tracks, the Huffington Post reported.

Every week over 8.7 million viewers tune into "Glee," the New York Times reported.

British panda undergoes artificial insemination

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Britain's only female panda has been artificially inseminated Sunday to increase the likely-hood of her becoming pregnant, news sources reported.

The Edinburgh Zoo had been monitoring it's male and female panda for the past week looking for signs of "natural mating," The Guardian reported.

Tian Tian, which translates to "Sweetie," exhibited signs that weren't "conducive to mating," the Huffington Post reported.

Yang Guang, which translates to "Sunshine," is Tian Tian mate and showed "encouraging behavior," but they pair never "mated naturally," the Guardian reported.

The pandas will not be displayed until Tuesday, the Huffington Post reported.

Scientists will know if the artificial insemination was successful by mid-July and if so, the cubs will be expected to be born end of August or the beginning of September, the Guardian reported.

Former Minneapolis police officer faces more charges

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A former Minneapolis police officer who is already facing criminal charges was arrested again on Thursday and charged with four counts of Internet or computer solicitation of children, news sources reported.

On Thursday Bradley Schnickel was arrested in Hennepin County on charages that he allegedly sent photos of his genitalia to a 11-year-old girl last fall, the Star Tribune reported.

Schnickel is facing charges in Anoka County of sexually assaulting young teenager girls that he met on the internet, CBS News reported.

Schnickel appeared in court in Hennepin Thursday, CBS News reported.

The court hearing in Anoka will be held May 16, the Star Tribune reported.

Second suspect of the Boston bombing is in custody

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After an hour and a half standoff with police in Watertown, Mass., the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing has been taken into custody on Friday, news sources reported.

The 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested at 8:45 p.m. Friday, the Boston Globe reported.

Tsarnaev was hiding in a boat outside a local residence in Watertown on Franklin Street, the Boston Globe reported.

Police found Tsarnaev injured inside the boat with wounds they believe to be from a wild shootout Thursday night, FOX News reported.

Tsarnaev was taken to Beth Israel Hospital to be treated, FOX News reported.

Friday morning Watertown police attempted to capture Tamerlan Tsarnaev the other suspect, but was wounded in a gunfight with police and pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital Deaconess Medical Center soon after, FOX News reported.

Second stillborn that is treated like laundry

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Regions Hospital issued a notice Friday that a second stillborn remains may have been sent to a laundry service, news sources reported.

The first stillborn was found wrapped in bed sheets after being sent to Crothall Laundry on Tuesday, ABC News reported.

Friday the hospital reported that another stillborn remains were missing, Pioneer Press reported.

"A tragic human error was made and we believe both sets of remains were mistaken as empty linens and placed in the laundry at the same time by a hospital worker," said Chris Boese, the hospital's chief nursing officer to Pioneer Press.

The hospital also said that extra measures would be taken to prevent future incidents from occurring, ABC News reported.

"That's our No. 1 concern, our patients, our family. We're deeply saddened and troubled that this happened and want to make sure that it never happens again," Boese said to ABC News.

Analysis Culture

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In the news story written by NBC News, "Suspected U.S. drone strike kills 5 in Pakistan," moves beyond stereotypes to report the story to it's audience.

In the story the reporter uses a diverse number of sources such as Pakistan security officials, officials, local villagers, local tribesman, and they reference that U.S. military officials were contacted and did not want to make a comment.

By using a variety of sources this makes the story more credible especially since it is suspected that it was a U.S. drone missile that hit the camp. If the reporter was to interview only U.S. military personnel and individuals of the same ethnicity the story would have been biased. Since the reporter interviewed individuals that were relevant to the situation because of their ethnicity the story is properly told. By disregarding prejudices that certain individuals have against individuals from Pakistan the reporter gave the story a proper perspective and unbiased.

U.S. drone strike results in deaths in Pakistan

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The death of several individuals in Pakistan in suspected to be result of U.S. drone strike in northwestern Pakistan Sunday, news sources reported.

Two missiles made impact in the small village of Data Khel, CNN reported.

The missiles struck after a double-cabin pickup truck entered the village, which is suspected to be a militant's hideout, NBC News reported.

"Five bodies were later recovered from debris of the house when two drones flying over the area disappeared," said a local tribe member Hashim Khan to NBC News.

The identities of the causalities are still unknown, NBC News reported.

Minneapolis Standoff finally ends

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After seven hours the police have ended the standoff in Northern Minneapolis Sunday, news sources reported.

The standoff was ended seven hours later after police subdued the suspect with chemical irritant released by a robot, the Star Tribune reported.

The standoff began early Sunday morning after a woman ran out of a home on the 3500 block of Newton Avenue North yelling for help, CBS News reported.

The police were notified at 4:40 a.m. and told that it was a domestic incident involving two men, a woman, and a child, the Star Tribune reported.

One man was suspected to be armed but the other man, woman, and child escaped the incident safely, CBS News reported.

The suspect, Eric Christopher Simmons, was arrested and is facing charges that include false imprisonment and reckless discharge of a fire arm, CBS News reported.

Twin Cities actor dies

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Phil Kilbourne was an individual that graced Twin Cities stages with his acting persona until Saturday when he died at age 61, news sources reported.

Kilbourne died Saturday on the two-year anniversary of his diagnosis of metastatic melanoma, the Star Tribune reported.

"He always had a great sense of occasion and timing. I thought he may have left us on Easter, but that's Jesus' day. Then we thought that maybe he would've left us on April Fools'. That would've been very much like him," said Marysue Moses, Kilbourne's wife of 16 years, the Star Tribune reported.

Kilbourne regularly performed at the Jungle Theater and Pernumbra in the Twin Cities, NPR News reported.

"He really was a tremendous spirit with a huge heart and an incisive brain. The world will be the worse, lacking him," said Charlie Bethel actor and director who had collaborated with Kilbourne NPR News reported.

After living 27 years in the wild Hermit is arrested

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The man known as the North Pond Hermit has been arrested on charges of burglary and theft, authorities reported Wednesday to news sources.

Christopher Knight, 47, known as the North Pond Hermit, had been living for 27 years in the wilderness, CNN reported.

Knight was arrested after tipping a surveillance sensor at Pine Tree Camp, where it estimated committed 1,000 burglaries, USA Today reported.

Terry Hughes, the man who found Knight stealing, was the second person that Knight had her contact with in the last 27 years, CNN reported.

Knight is currently only charged with this Pine Tree Camp burglary and is held on $5,000 cash bond, USA Today reported.

NBC considers Alec Baldwin for new late-night host

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NBC executive revealed Tuesday that Emmy award-wining Alec Baldwin is a possible candidates for a late-night host on NBC, news sources reported.

After Jimmy Fallon, the current host of NBC's "Late Night," announced he would be taking over Jay Leno's late-night show "Tonight," NBC has been looking for a new late-night host, the Huffington Post reported.

A NBC executive revealed that talks about been initiated with Alec Baldwin, but they are currently in the early stages, the New York Times reported.

Baldwin's late-night show would be scheduled in slot occupied by Carson Daly's show "Last Call," Huffington Post reported.

If Baldwin was hired as a new late-night host it could result in there being three late-night hosts on the NBC network, the New York Times reported.

Doctor warned police before Colorado shooting

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A University of Colorado psychiatrist told police that her patient James Holmes had homicidal thoughts and was a public danger prior to movie theater shootings, according to records unsealed Thursday news sources reported.

Dr. Lynne Fenton told police that Holmes had stopped seeing her and that he had been threatening her through text messages and e-mails 38 days before the shooting, the Denver Post reported.

In response Holmes had his key card deactivated so he could not access secure areas of University of Colorado medical buildings, Denver Post reported.

In addition to the Fenton's affidavit, 13 other documents have been released relating to Holme's trial, USA Today reported.

Holme is on trial for killing 12 and injuring 70 during the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises, USA Today reported.

Film critic Roger Ebert dies

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Robert Ebert the popular thumbs up or down film critic died in Chicago Thursday at age 70, news sources reported.

Ebert had struggled with cancer since 2002, but it is unclear what was the cause of death, New York Times reported.

Though Ebert suffered from multiple types of cancer, he still wrote over 200 movie reviews a year until Tuesday when he sent a tweet stating the he was taking "a leave of presence," NPR News reported.

"For a generation of Americans -- especially Chicagoans -- Roger was the movies. When he didn't like a film, he was honest; when he did, he was effusive -- capturing the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical," President Obama said in a statement New York Times reported.

Ebert spent over 70 years reviewing films. For 46 years to reviewed films for the Sun-Times and for television for 31 years, NPR News reported.

In 1975 Ebert was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize, NPR News reported.

University of Minnesota President Kaler proposed that the university manage Fairview Health Services in a January letter released on Thursday, news sources reported.

"We propose a new combination of our organizations in which the university acquires control of, and commits to enhance the historic mission of, Fairview in our state," said Kaler in his letter Pioneer Press reported.

Fairview Health Services is Minneapolis based institution that collaborates with the University of Minnesota as a teaching hospital since 1997, Pioneer Press reported.

Fairview has also been in pursuit by Sanford Health, MN Daily reported.

Attorney General Lori Swanson has scheduled a hearing Sunday at the Capitol discussing the merger between Fairview and Sanford, Pioneer Press reported.

Currently Fairview has a networth of $1.2 billion, MN Daily reported.

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