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Film critic Roger Ebert dies

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Robert Ebert the popular thumbs up or down film critic died in Chicago Thursday at age 70, news sources reported.

Ebert had struggled with cancer since 2002, but it is unclear what was the cause of death, New York Times reported.

Though Ebert suffered from multiple types of cancer, he still wrote over 200 movie reviews a year until Tuesday when he sent a tweet stating the he was taking "a leave of presence," NPR News reported.

"For a generation of Americans -- especially Chicagoans -- Roger was the movies. When he didn't like a film, he was honest; when he did, he was effusive -- capturing the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical," President Obama said in a statement New York Times reported.

Ebert spent over 70 years reviewing films. For 46 years to reviewed films for the Sun-Times and for television for 31 years, NPR News reported.

In 1975 Ebert was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize, NPR News reported.

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