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Large Data Sets

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On's website there was a link to the story titled, "The Hell of American Day Cares."

In the story the author references a number of statistics. For example, there are 8.2 million children that in the day care system in the United States. A majority of these statistics come from surveys released by various institutions, such as the National Institute of Child Health Development. Because of the number of statistics in the story the author had to crunch a variety of numbers in many different ways to make them easy to read for the reader. The author also had to search for the numerous surveys they used in their reporting on the internet.

The author kept the story engaging first by paralleling these statistics to a single mother that has had had her children in day care and a particular incident that changed her life. The author included pictures of the single mother and her children, as well as a video of the news coverage of the incident that happened at the daycare her children were at. Finally, the author included other shots of the incident and block quotes that allows the lengthy article to be broken into smaller and more manageable segments.

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