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Netflix changes business approach

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Netflix announced Monday that it will begin buying new original programming to satisfy its customers, news sources reported.

An example of the new programming that Netflix will continue to buy is the political drama "House of Cards," the LA Times reported.

By implementing this program Netflix add 2 million during the first quarter of 2013, ABC News reported.

Many of the big content deals that Netflix has negotiated brings little customer appeal, said Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings to LA Times.

Other companies like CBS and Viacom may be in jeopardy because of Netflix's new business approach, LA Times reported.

Netflix has made a profit of $3 million this quarter, ABC News reported.

Second suspect of the Boston bombing is in custody

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After an hour and a half standoff with police in Watertown, Mass., the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing has been taken into custody on Friday, news sources reported.

The 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested at 8:45 p.m. Friday, the Boston Globe reported.

Tsarnaev was hiding in a boat outside a local residence in Watertown on Franklin Street, the Boston Globe reported.

Police found Tsarnaev injured inside the boat with wounds they believe to be from a wild shootout Thursday night, FOX News reported.

Tsarnaev was taken to Beth Israel Hospital to be treated, FOX News reported.

Friday morning Watertown police attempted to capture Tamerlan Tsarnaev the other suspect, but was wounded in a gunfight with police and pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital Deaconess Medical Center soon after, FOX News reported.

NBC considers Alec Baldwin for new late-night host

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NBC executive revealed Tuesday that Emmy award-wining Alec Baldwin is a possible candidates for a late-night host on NBC, news sources reported.

After Jimmy Fallon, the current host of NBC's "Late Night," announced he would be taking over Jay Leno's late-night show "Tonight," NBC has been looking for a new late-night host, the Huffington Post reported.

A NBC executive revealed that talks about been initiated with Alec Baldwin, but they are currently in the early stages, the New York Times reported.

Baldwin's late-night show would be scheduled in slot occupied by Carson Daly's show "Last Call," Huffington Post reported.

If Baldwin was hired as a new late-night host it could result in there being three late-night hosts on the NBC network, the New York Times reported.

Doctor warned police before Colorado shooting

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A University of Colorado psychiatrist told police that her patient James Holmes had homicidal thoughts and was a public danger prior to movie theater shootings, according to records unsealed Thursday news sources reported.

Dr. Lynne Fenton told police that Holmes had stopped seeing her and that he had been threatening her through text messages and e-mails 38 days before the shooting, the Denver Post reported.

In response Holmes had his key card deactivated so he could not access secure areas of University of Colorado medical buildings, Denver Post reported.

In addition to the Fenton's affidavit, 13 other documents have been released relating to Holme's trial, USA Today reported.

Holme is on trial for killing 12 and injuring 70 during the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises, USA Today reported.

Weapon arsenal found in relation to Newtown

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Details of the search of Newtown gunman Adam Lanza's home were released Wednesday, news sources reported.

In the search of Lanza's home over 1,000 rounds of ammunition, a bayonet, several swords and knives were found, BBC News reported.

Other sources reported more than 1,600 rounds, 11 knives, a starter pistol and three samuri swords were found, New York Times reported.

The details of the search also revealed that Lanza received money from his mother, which investigators believe was intended to be used for a purchase of a firearm, New York Times reported.

President Obama accompanied with families of the Newtown incident spoke to senators about the measures to control gun violence, which will be voted on next month, BBC News reported.

The law that would have restricted the size of sugary drink in New York was struck down by a judge Monday, news sources reported.

Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling stated that restricting the amount and sizes of sugary drinks bought in New York was "arbitrary and capricious," FOX News reported.

The New York law would have banned drinks being larger than 16 ounces being bought at any establishments, except convenience stores and grocery stores, US News reported.

The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed the law last May to help lower the rate of obesity, New York Times reported.

Bloomberg planned on implementing the law Tuesday and to be collecting fines if businesses had not switched to the new regulated cup sizes, US News reported.

The judges also said that the law had many inconsistencies such as what types of beverages were considered sugary drinks, New York Times reported.

Easter candy containing Salmonella

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Chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs that may contain traces of salmonella were recalled by an Indiana candy company Wednesday, news sources reported.

Zachary Confections, Inc. announced Wednesday after a routine post-production testing that salmonella may be present in their chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, Fox News reported.

No illness have been reported, but Zachary Confections, Inc. has stopped production of the chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, ABC News reported.

"We are dedicated to manufacturing wholesome products for our customers," George Anichini, vice president of operations for Zachary Confections, told ABC News.

The recalled products are found in white 5-ounce crates and have the label Zachary Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs in purple, green and yellow lettering, FOX News reported.

The samples that had traces of salmonella were made on Feb. 20 or Feb. 21. All products made on these days are being recalled by Zachary Confections, Inc., FOX News reported.

The trial pertaining the arrest of a New York Police Officer on charges of conspiring to kidnap, torture, and rape before eating targeted victims had an additional witness testify on Friday, news sources reported.

Dale Bolinger, a British citizen, testified Friday to whether Gilberto Valle was intending to commit acts of cannibalism, New York Post reported.

Bolinger who met Valle on an online sex-fetish forum said that the plan was a fantasy, New York Post reported.

Valle, who is also being charged with conspiracy and illegal use of crime database, was targeting his wife along with another woman that was his former college roommate, Huffington Post reported.

Aly Khan and Bolinger claimed to be veteran cannibals and were coaching the New York Police Officer, Huffington Post reported.

Bolinger is being charged with conspiracy and possession of kiddie porn, New York Post reported.

The trial is scheduled to resume Monday, New York Post reported.

Hathaway receives an Oscar

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Actress Anne Hathaway receives an Oscar for best supporting actress in Les Miserables Sunday, news sources report.

At the 85th Academy Awards Hathaway received her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, The Guardian reported.

Other actors that were nominated for Amy Adams, Sally Field, Helen Hunt, and Jacki Weaver, Huffington Post reported.

Hathaway starred as the character Fantine in Les Miserables and sang "I Dreamed a Dream," Huffington Post reported.

The judges said that Sally Fields was a distant second, Huffington Post reported.

Hathaway previous nomination was for her Best Actress in the 2008 drama Rachel Getting Married, The Guardian reported.

Merger between American Airlines and US Airways

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American Airlines and US Airways agreed to merge Wednesday creating one of the largest carriers in the United States, news sources reported.

The new merger will be officially announced Thursday morning, Huffington Post reported.

The merger between this company will take the name of American Airlines, New York Times reported.

The merger between American Airlines and US Airways will become one of top four airlines in the United States. American Airlines and US Airways will be competing with United, Delta and Southwest. These four airlines would control more than 70 percent of the market, New York Times reported.

When combined the company will be worth $11 billion, Huffington Post reported.

Before the merger can become official America's bankruptcy judge in New York, US Airways shareholders and the Justice Department's antitrust division must approve of this new deal, New York Times reported.

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