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Uber app approved

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"E-hailing" services were made available to cab drivers in New York City Friday, news sources reported.

Uber Technologies, Inc. developed an app that allowed people to "e-hail" a cab and was selected by Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky, NBC News reported.

The city developed a plan that allowed the app to have a test run that lasts for one year, ABC News reported.

There is now controversy between yellow and livery cabs, ABC News reported.

A Supreme Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by livery cab drivers Tuesday that claimed Uber's app takes away livery cab services, NBC News reported.

The judge also lifted an order that had banned the services that the Uber app provides, NBC News reported.

Glee scheduled for season 5 and 6

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FOX announced Friday that "Glee" would be airing until 2015, news sources reported.

The series based on a high school music club debuted in 2009, the New York Times reported.

Since its debut, "Glee" has had more than 50 million downloads of their tracks, the Huffington Post reported.

Every week over 8.7 million viewers tune into "Glee," the New York Times reported.

After living 27 years in the wild Hermit is arrested

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The man known as the North Pond Hermit has been arrested on charges of burglary and theft, authorities reported Wednesday to news sources.

Christopher Knight, 47, known as the North Pond Hermit, had been living for 27 years in the wilderness, CNN reported.

Knight was arrested after tipping a surveillance sensor at Pine Tree Camp, where it estimated committed 1,000 burglaries, USA Today reported.

Terry Hughes, the man who found Knight stealing, was the second person that Knight had her contact with in the last 27 years, CNN reported.

Knight is currently only charged with this Pine Tree Camp burglary and is held on $5,000 cash bond, USA Today reported.

Film critic Roger Ebert dies

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Robert Ebert the popular thumbs up or down film critic died in Chicago Thursday at age 70, news sources reported.

Ebert had struggled with cancer since 2002, but it is unclear what was the cause of death, New York Times reported.

Though Ebert suffered from multiple types of cancer, he still wrote over 200 movie reviews a year until Tuesday when he sent a tweet stating the he was taking "a leave of presence," NPR News reported.

"For a generation of Americans -- especially Chicagoans -- Roger was the movies. When he didn't like a film, he was honest; when he did, he was effusive -- capturing the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical," President Obama said in a statement New York Times reported.

Ebert spent over 70 years reviewing films. For 46 years to reviewed films for the Sun-Times and for television for 31 years, NPR News reported.

In 1975 Ebert was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize, NPR News reported.

Youngest chess master

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A 9-year-old chess player became the youngest American chess master at a tournament in Dayton, Ohio Saturday, news sources reported.

Awonder Liang a 9-year-old chess player from Madison, Wis. became the youngest American chess master, NBC News reported.

Liang was a week younger than the previous youngest American chess master, Star Tribune reported.

To earn chess master status chess players must earn more than 2,200 points the United States Chess Federation rules state, NBC News reported.

Liang other accomplish include beating a chess grandmaster, the highest rank in chess, in August 2011, Star Tribune reported.

Liang is currently ranked the 10th best chess player in Wisconsin, Star Tribune reported.

Google pays for invading citizen's privacy

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Google has agreed to pay $7 million Tuesday in regards to the recent lawsuit against Google, news sources reported.

Google was recently sued for using unsecured wireless networks across the nation to gather data for Street View cars during 2008 to 2010, BBC News reported.

The lawsuit was filed by 37 states and the District of Columbia, NPR news reported.

In 2010 Google used 600 gigabytes of personal information such as emails and passwords to photograph with their Street View cars, NPR News reported.

Google said that the data was collected by a rogue code that was mistakenly included in the software of the Street View program, BBC News reported.

"The project leaders never wanted this data, and didn't use it or even look at it," Google said in a statement to BBC News.

Martha Stewart back in the courtroom

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Martha Stewart testified in New York Supreme Court Tuesday about concerns of which retailers have the right to sell her decor and other home goods, news sources reported.

Stewart testified that her home merchandise has a legal contract with Macy's and also with J.C. Penney's, Washington Post reported.

Macy's argued during the trial that Stewart violated her contract with Macy's when she agreed to distribute similar merchandise to their competitor J.C. Penny's, New York Times reported.

Stewart claimed that she was not unethical in her decision to expand her company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., Washington Post reported.

It has been nine years since Stewart was last in a court room testifying. Last time it was in regards of Stewart lying about stock sales, New York Times reported.

Mesastatic breast cancer is on the rise for young women

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The number of diagnoses of mesastatic breast cancer in women between the ages of 25 to 39 been increasing by 2 percent every year since 1976 a study released on Tuesday said, news sources reported.

The Journal of the American Medical Association said this increase has been seen in women living in rural and urban places and belong to a variety of races and ethnicities, CNN reported.

Though the percentage of diagnoses has only increased by 2 percent every year since 1976 researchers are worried because the cancers that the patients were diagnosed with spread to all areas of the body making recovery very difficult, New York Times reported.

Though only 1.8 percent of all diagnoses of breast cancer are in women 20 to 34 the recovery rate is significantly lower, New York Times reported.

The survival rate of a five-year period has increased from 15 percent to 30 percent Dr. Rebecca Johnson, the study's lead author, told CNN.

"If women could be diagnosed earlier (before the cancer spreads), then each individual woman that that happens to stands to do a lot better, stands a better chance of living," Johnson told CNN news.

An African model died Sunday and Olympian Oscar Pistorius is a suspect in the ongoing investigation, news sources reported.

Reeva Steenkamp was shot four times and may have been hit with a cricket bat, New York Daily News reported.

Police are unsure about the details of Steenkamp's death, New York Daily News reported.

Steenkamp was spending the night at Pistorius' home when she was killed, CNN reported.

Pistorius has been charged with murder and will in court for his bail hearing on Tuesday, CNN reported.

Steenkamp will be cremated and buried in her hometown of Port Elizabeth Tuesday, New York Daily News reported.

Celebrities bypassing JFK security

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian bypassed airport security with the help of an airline employee at JFK International Airport in New York Tuesday, news sources reported.

On a flight returning from Brazil an American Airlines employee allowed West and Kardashian to bypass airport security checkpoint for their flight to Los Angeles, USA Today reported.

The employee escorted the couple "through a non-public area in order to provide expedited access to their domestic flight," ABC News reported.

The couple was cleared for their flight, but only after a 50 minute delay, ABC News reported.

"This was a lapse in judgment by one of our employees. We're working closely with the Transportation Security Administration and speaking to the individuals involved to better understand what happened," American Airlines said in a statement USA Today reported.

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