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Attribution: Police: Australian wildfires are 'a holocaust'

In an article I reported on for the blog, the attribution and its techniques seemed sound and understandable. The story was by CNN about the current wildfires in Australia.

There are multiple sources attributed, including: Phil Sheppard, inspector of police of the state of Victoria, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from his Australian TV interview, police in general, Michelle Achisson, civilian, Dr. John Coleridge of Victorias Alfred hospital, as well as a statment from Queen Elizabeth II. These are all sources that CNN either used as quotes or statements and facts in their report on the fire. They get a good representation, from a plain citizen, to the major involved official groups like the police, to the prime minister.

The attribution is appropriately placed throughout the story in a balanced and spaced out manner. The attributions are not clumped together, but rather spaced throughout the story with statements and quotes. The attribution is set upl in all the traditional, acceptable ways, such as 'according to" and 'said'. They are seemlessly placed within the sentences and paragraphs in a way that informs the reader but is comfortable and unnoticeable. It reads smoothly and I found no issues with reliability or sources of the information they gave. It seemed rather flawless and effective attribution to me.

CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/02/08/australia.wildfires/index.html