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Entry on Spot and Follows

Entry on Spot and Follows
News stories: Twins finally make a splash: Sign free agent 3B Joe Crede to 1-year deal (2/21, Pioneer Press)
Signing Crede is low risk, All-Star reward (2/22, Pioneer Press)

These two stories cover the signing of third basement Joe Crede by the Minnesota Twins for the upcoming season.

The leads in the stories are very different. The lead for the Feb. 21 story is hard news. The story had clearly just broken and that was the purpose of the story. It breaks the news and details of the new Twin's acquisition. The Feb. 22 story is a much more analyitical and in-depth lead. It looks and states an analyzation of Crede and says more about him than just the facts.
The main news in the first story is covered rather traditionally, with the most important facts and details first and quotes and other material following, soundly covering the EVENT of signing Crede. The second news story finds its main news in the analyzation the writer is making, over how it was a good choice for the Twins and how it might play out. The first story's main news has an urgency and recency to it, while the second one is much more reflective and narrative. It advances the news by discussing the meaning of the details and hard news of the event and the first story. It steps back and discusses, rather than tells, what happened.

Feb. 21 Story : http://www.startribune.com/sports/twins/40028502.html?elr=KArksUUUU
Feb. 22 Story: http://www.startribune.com/sports/twins/40035792.html?elr=KArksUUUU