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As many as 17 killed in Montana plane crash

Seventeen people, children among them, died Sunday in a plane crash in Montana, reported the BBC.

The single-engine plane had been coming from Oroville, California, where it refueled and departed for Montana. The plane crashed just 500 feet from the runway at the airport in Butte, Montana, killing all 17 people aboard, reported CNN.

"There were some adults and children on board," said Police Chief Kirk Trostle, of the Oroville area, reported CNN. He noted this when the passengers had gotten out and stretched while the pilot refueld the plane.

The plane was originally headed for Bozeman, Montana, but the pilot had rerouted the flight plan to go to Butte. Early reports show that the pilot did not declare an emergency on the plane before it crashed, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Mike Fergus, reported CNN.

"We think that it was probably a ski trip for the kids," Mr Fergus said to the BBC.

Martha Guidoni said she and her husband witnessed the crash, where they "watched this plane just take a nosedive."

The plane was a Pilatus PC-12 Swiss-made turboprop aircraft, built in 2001 reported CNN.

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