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Event Coverage

Analysis: Event Coverage
Article: 'Watchmen' stars eagerly await release (CNN)

The article I covered for my analysis of event coverage is an advance on the release of the film 'Watchmen' this past week.

The sources in the story are all from people very connected and involved with the film. The sources come from multiple actors, stars, and producers of the film. The story is focused around these sources and their quotes, with the details, topics, aspects and facts of the movie weaving between them. The sources provide quotes, insight, and inside looks at the film before it is released.

The angle was well crafted. A big theme behind the making of this movie is the difficulty of adapting the graphic novel, said to be the best graphic novel ever created, as well as 'unfilmable', to the big screen. So there was much anxiety and many questions as to how it would come out. The angle therefore takes the idea of the advance, effectively builds anticipation for the release, and attempts to address this issue and controversy over whether the the film will be a successful adaptation of the critically acclaimed graphic novel. That is the reporters angle, and he crafts it well because of all the quotes from actors and people directly involved in the film, with quotes giving insight as to how they think the film did and their belief and hopes that the film did a good job. It also has extra interest because of all the contact and interaction with the actors and stars, which always draws people.

In the end, the reporter did everything but create a listing. Its nothing less than a full story. You forget that it even is a listing on an event, and get committed to the story of the article, but find yourself with the details of the event (like in a listing) properly deposited in your brain at the end of the article. I think it was an excellent advance.

CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Movies/03/05/watchmen.stars/index.html?iref=newssearch