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'Watchmen' Tops Box Office: $55.7 million

'Watchmen' weighs in at the top spot in the box office with $55.7 million in ticket sales, reported the Star Tribune.

'Watchmen'', Director Zach Snyder's graphic novel adaptation of a team of twisted superheroes, becomes the 2009's largest grossing film so far after its opening weekend. CNN also reported that the film premiered in more theaters (3,611) than any other R-rated movie in history.

No one is failing to notice however that 'Watchmen's' $55.7 millions comes up short of Snyder's previous graphic novel film '300', which earned some $70.9 million its opening weekend.

Dan Fellman, head of distribution for "Watchmen" studio Warner Bros., said it was unfair to compare the two films, according to the Star Tribune.

"They're two different movies," Fellman said Sunday. "This is a movie that runs two hours and 45 minutes. That really only leaves the exhibitor with one showing a night. If you have an 8 o'clock show, the next show is at midnight. So with essentially one show a night, I think this is outstanding."

CNN reported that the film's audience declined over the weekend after pulling in strong numbers opening night and day. After $25.1 million Friday, 'Watchmen' only pulled in $19 million Saturday and $11.5 million Sunday.

The graphic novel film faced no other sizable competition at the box office, with Tyler Perry's 'Madea Goes to Jail' earning $8.8 million and 'Taken' garnering another $7.5 million.

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