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Analysis: Diversity

Analysis: Diversity
A Google Whiz Searches for His Place on Earth (New York Times)

This is story done by the New York Times about a young Indian immigrant expert engineer who lives, works and is a key member Google engineering team in America, but who is forced to live in Canada because his wife is not being granted an American work visa. Its a piece in their section of the newest immigrants and their impact. I think this piece moves past and beyond stereotype profoundly. Without blatantly stating it, the story is definitely siding on the side of Sanjay (the immigrant) and the problems with the visa extensions by the government. It also seemed to transcend stereotypes by making clear his exceptional ability and skill. If anything,it emphasized the absurdity of any kind of discrimination or stereotype. It discussed moreso the issues with him and his wife having such difficulties and focusing on the issue of why they weren't being treated like anyone else. The story detailed several things I didnt know much about, such as the policy and difficulting of getting the work visas and permission to be in America, especially for such capable people, and the importance of foreign born people to the technology industry, and many industries. The article did this mostly through facts and data on the growing number and scale of importance of immigrants and foreign born persons to industries and the economy. "Google and other big companies say the Chinese, Indian, Russian and other immigrant technologists have transformed the industry, creating wealth and jobs." Overall, I though this peice exemplified a good diversity story.

New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/12/business/12immig.html?hp