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Man dies after being swept into river

An urban explorer died Sunday after exploring a tunnel and being swept into the Mississippi River near the Lake Street bridge in St. Paul, reported the Star Tribune.

Ian William Talty, 30, of Woodbury, died despite an intense rescue attempt by St. Paul police officer and several students from the nearby University of St. Thomas, said St. Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard, reported the Star Tribune.

"He was a good dad," Nicole Talty, Ian's wife, said Sunday reported Kare-11 TV. She said her husband always went out on Sunday mornings and always brought home "amazing" pictures.

Talty and his companion, Nicholas Breid, were exploring and photographing the bluffside tunnel when it filled with rainwater during a thunderstorm.

Bried, 29, swam to shore and survived, and was reported to have no injuries. Talty's cries for help were heard by the St. Thomas rowing club, who immediately called 911.

Three University of St. Thomas students then jumped into a boat with a member of the Minneapolis rowing club and went out onto the river to search for Talty, and were soon joined by a St. Paul police officer in a boat, according to the Star Tribune.

They found Talty's body some 500 yards south down river.

"We've been preaching for years to stay out of the caves and tunnels along the Mississippi," Zaccard said. He also said carbon monoxide poisoning is a potential threat too. "The message is to stay out of the tunnels and caves," he said