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North Korea missile launch condemned

American officials condemned the launching of long-range rocket by North Korea on Sunday, reported CNN.

President Obama called it a "provacative act" reported CNN, and according to the New York Times called for new United Nations sanctions, laying out a new approach to American nuclear disarmament policy.

“In a strange turn of history, the threat of global nuclear war has gone down, but the risk of a nuclear attack has gone up,” Obama told a huge crowd in Prague’s central square, reported the New York TImes. “Black market trade in nuclear secrets and nuclear materials abound. The technology to build a bomb has spread.”

The rocket was a Taepodong 2 that North Korea launched around 11:30 a.m. local time Sunday at a base in the northeastern part of the country, reported CNN.

While the North Korean government described the event as a peaceful, successful launch of a satellite into orbit, American military intelligence called the launch a failure. Obama said it was a clear violation of a United Nations resolution that "expressly prohibits North Korea from conducting ballistic missile-related activities of any kind", reported CNN.

CNN reports that the United States and other nations fear the launch could serve as a test for a possible missile with a warhead attached, despite it being uncertain whether the payload of the rocket was a satellite.

"For the time being it is believed that North Korea launched a satellite. But we have yet to determine whether it was a success or not." said South Korean Foreign Minister Yoo Myung-Hwan, reported CNN.

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