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St. Thomas student missing

University of St. Thomas freshman student Daniel Zamlen was reported missing Sunday by a friend who had been talking with him via cell phone as he walked along the Mississippi River Boulevard near St. Clair Avenue early this morning, reported the Star Tribune.

Zamlen, who will turn 19 on Wednesday, was last heard from around 3 a.m this morning. He was talking on the phone when he made an exclamation, and his phone cut out, family member said, accoring to the Star Tribune.

"I don't believe he was down here by the river — we walked it enough — unless he's in some nook and cranny," said his father, Dale Zamlen, reported the Pioneer Press. "I hope he's in the community somewhere."

Zamlen, from Eveleth, is a type-1 diabetic who wears an automatic insulin pump that requires adjustments based on his activity. Concerns over the possiblity of him being in a coma somewhere are high, reported the Pioneer Press.

Zamlen was reported to have been at a party where he left possibly upset about something. He called friends Anna Chappuis and Sarah Nelson — the last people to talk to Zamlen - and asked for a ride.

Chappuis, while on the phone with Zamlen on her way to pick him up, heard him say " 'Oh, my God...where are you...help,' " just before they got disconnected, reported the Pioneer Press.

The girls called a police who did a small search, but when they found footprints in the snow leading off, they figured he had walked off or had been picked up. When there was still no sign of Zamlen in the morning, the search became more extensive, with police, family and friends searching the area.

As of Sunday evening, Zamlen was not found, reported the Pioneer Press.

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