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World 'well prepared' for virus

A top UN Chief said Sunday that the international community is more than prepared for the potential threat of the new swine flu virus, reported the BBC.

While the UN warned that the outbreak could become an epidemic, Dr. Keiji Fukuda said the world stocks of anti-virals are high after years of preparing for bird flu, reported the BBC.

Canada became the newest country to announce cases of the flu, alongside 80 deaths in Mexico and 20 cases in the U.S, according to the BBC.

U.S. health officials declared a public health emergency on Sunday because of the rising cases of the swine flu, as investigators attempt to figure out its path, reported the New York Times.

“We are seeing more cases of swine flu,” Dr. Richard Besser, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control, said in a news conference in Washington, reported the New York Times.. “We expect to see more cases of swine flu. As we continue to look for cases, I expect we’re going to find them.”

Currently, there are no deaths from the swine flue in the U.S., and only one confirmed infected person has been hospitalized, officials said, reported the New York Times.

Airports in Asia and Latin America have begun screening passengers for symptoms of the virus, reported the BBC.

According to the BBC, there are no vaccines for the new strain as of yet, but there are anitviral medications that can be used to treat severe cases.

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