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Mathematics And The Design Of The Environment.

Math and architecture must inevitably intertwine and dance together to create something beautiful. As important as math is, however, creativity fosters all architecture, and the one cannot exist without the other. Above are some pictures that I felt related mathematics and architecture. The top picture is a blueprint of what appears to be a shed. There are measurements to show how math carries out the idea as the sort of workhorse of the architect's thought pattern. Below that are two pictures, one a sketch and the other an actual photograph, of geodesic domes. The two of them show what I see to be the pinnacle of a partnership between mathematics and geometry. The structure provides a good deal of space and is also structurally sturdy. Finally, at the bottom, there are two different perspectives of the Great Pyramids at Giza. The pyramids contain such mathematic marvels that some don't believe ancient humans could have built them. The corners are all 90 degrees and point on the four cardinal directions. The angle to the topmost point is a consistant 51.5 degrees. This is the result of the pharaoh, Khufu, wanting a perfect tomb for himself and his wives, and these have all lasted until today and most likely far into the future.