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Bruce Connor Films - Mark

I was also surprised to hear how much of Connor's early work was totally composed of found footage. I have always though of a filmmaker as someone involved with cameras, but in his early projects he was simply the editor. But this brings to mind an interesting insight as to just what film is as an art form. Connor's work highlights the power of editing and suggesting connections between potentially unrelated ideas by putting them in sequence on a time line. It is unique property of film that no other art form has in that you can't sit and stare at it like you can a painting because a film has a time element. Sure you could pull each separate frame print them and look at them together, but that would be a very different experience than watching the film.

I also liked the concept that Connor employed in "A Movie" showing the leader (with a surprise) as a part of the film. Taking an element of the physical object that is film, a part that isn't normally considered the subject of the text of a film, and including it as part of the text. It reminds me of the way I sometimes think about philosophy as being simply examining a subject from every angle and perspective, even theoretical ones.