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Bruce Connor Films-Kelsey

I was surprised by the amount of "found footage" Connor used and the way that he described his ownership of the films created as owning the splices. This is interesting because in the university setting there is so much bureaucracy around appropriated (or plagiarized) material (especially when credit of the material is not given in the credits as is the case with Connor's films). This is not something I want to use in my films (especially not as a student), however, I found his concepts and rationalization of ownership and appropriation interesting.

The most exciting details in Connor's work is his use of reflection and shadow in the film described as dream-like (forgot title) and his use of exposure to evoke the spirit of the person in the photograph or film. I may use these techniques in future films (although I have used reflection and shadow) for the aesthetic quality they produce (a kind of abstraction of reality, or a questioning of which reality the character is in). I found it refreshing to see actual film footage, as opposed to the super hi-definition footage we see today. The scratches and nicks in the film which then show up when projected have a subtle elegant beauty and create another layer of interest.