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My never being loneliness- open eye figure theater

Last weekend I saw a sweet little cabaret, two one-hour plays performed by the same four actors. The first, a work by Melissa Birch, was a lot of abstract poetry and dancing behind screens. The visual effects were cool experiments. Though it seemed a bit too dense, too inaccessible, I managed to sit through it and enjoy the ride. I think that the artist was aware of the monster they were creating, and allowed for some fourth-wall reflection, I don't think it took itself TOO seriously. I'd like to think part of the inaccessability was meant to be a theme, it did seem to be talking about the impossibility of expressing sexual love, the incapability for others to understand transhavior.
The second piece "chicken baby" by Molly Van Avery, was a refreshingly sweet story about not belonging and what is normal anyway? It took a similar "nontraditional" approach to presentation: video, script about reading the script, going between performance and performing confusion about what is the performance, random breakouts into old pop culture songs. I think it was an even more accessible (or at least enjoyable) self-aware, abstract art. It made me think of our discussion about Family Guy, a performance that anyone can enjoy, even belittle for its ease of digestion, even though it delivers through an incredibly complex and clever set of fine arts jargon approaches.
I also sensed a sort of thread running between the two pieces; the actors weren't afraid to play very similar characters, touch on similar themes, they were aware of what we had just sat through. My head left spinning with performance class analysis and a warm feeling that anyone off the street could share.

DID I MENTION Melissa Birch and a video of Melissa Birch sang a duet together? Ze has the pipes for melody AND harmony!