April 8, 2009

NY Times article on Matthew Barney

Hi gang,

Here is a link to a pretty extensive, and maybe overblown look into Matthew Barney's work. It's an interesting read, nonetheless.

March 5, 2009

All female KING LEAR March 9th and 10th

Hi gang,

Kate and I (Laura) have been involved in a five-week workshop in which we are exploring Shakespeare's King Lear with an all-female cast. The class is being led/directed by Barbra Berlovitz, one of the founders of the Theatre de Jeune Lune. We have been exploring how to incorporate voice/text work and movement into storytelling, as well as using a non-traditional performance space - we have been rehearsing in Norris Hall on the East Bank of campus, which is a building the University has decommissioned. We will be performing this coming Monday and Tuesday (March 9th and 10th) at 7:30pm. The performances are free. If you guys have the time, we would love it if you could come check it out! Norris Hall is located in the Knoll area of the East Bank - 172 Pillsbury Drive.

If you have any questions, ask us!

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NYT article about Nazi propaganda exhibit

Here's a link to the Times article that David Gordon mentioned yesterday. The article talks about the new exhibit at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. that deals with Nazi propaganda, and the nature of propaganda itself. It's an interesting read.


February 2, 2009

Lynn in 2003