March 17, 2009

UPDATE_Ain Gordon_Assignment Due March 23 & 25

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Ain Gordon_Assignment Due March 23 & 25

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February 28, 2009

Equipment, Passwords & Resources

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February 13, 2009

Due: Monday February, 16 - In the Space of Duration

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Due: Monday February, 16 - Durational Performance

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What's Due? Check the Flow Chart.

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February 9, 2009


On Monday, February 09 & Wednesday, February 11 Ain Gordon will be in the Performance Art & Installation class to do an intensive workshop with students titled, FROM TEXT TO LIVE ART.

January 29, 2009


Performance Art and Installation
ArtS 3306 / 5360 and COLA 3950 / 5950
University of Minnesota - Spring 2009

Lynn Lukkas, Associate Professor –
Office Hours: Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30
Office: w207 Regis Center for Art
Course Blog:

Course Description:
In this course students will collaborate with performance/theater artist David Gordon in his COLA course and new work, "Un-Civil Wars" to be presented at the Walker Art Center in March 2009; and with Ain Gordon in his new work, "The Storm Show." Students will investigate "Live Art" practices and create original works that integrate performance, installation, media arts and socially engaged art practices. Presentations and screenings of hybrid art forms introduced by Dada movement in 1920s, continued by Fluxus movement in 1950s, to today's contemporary Live Art and Performance artists will be included.

Be Prepared to:
Take risks in your artistic practice.
Participate in discussions and critiques.
Work hard.
Read and discuss the contents of the readings.
To confront some artwork that makes you uncomfortable. Some of the work that will be performed, read, or encountered in documentation maybe opposed to your expectations about what are should be, to your tastes, and/or to socital norms. They maybe considered disturbing, irreverent, disgusting, , graphic, shocking, etc. Continued enrollment in this class constitutes the agreement to view such materials. I do not expect all students to like, enjoy or be entertained by all of the artwork presented in the class. The goal of the class is to explore “cutting edge? and oppositional modes of performance based art practices that challenges our assumptions about art, performance and spectatorship.

Projects & Grade Breakdown:


A Collaborative installation with David Gordon & Pickup Performance Co (S) in the Quarter Gallery at Regis Art Center – 20%.

In Collaboration with Ain Gordon and the Storm Show.


5. Out of class events/Seeing & Blogging ( 5.=A+, 4=A-, 3=B, 2=C, 1=D, 0=F). 20%.

Readings will be sent as .pdf files via email or you can choose to purchase the below books (NOT available in the bookstore). Readings are due on the class day indicated in each email. Each student is responsible to stay abreast of required readings for the class and be prepared to discuss the readings in class discussions and critiques.

Live Art and Performance, Heathfield, Jeremy (ed.)
Routeledge, N.Y. 2006
ISBN 0-415-97239-6
Performance: Live Art Since The 1960’s, RoseLee Goldberg
Thames & Hudson, N.Y. 2004
ISBN 0-500-28219-6

Seeing & Blogging -- Out of class events:
Solo -
Church, Young Jean Lee.
$16 with student discount or contact Allison Herrera immediately for possible less expensive tickets (email below).
January 29, 30 & 31 – 8:00 p.m.

Solo - Free - (website with dates and time listed below) please discuss your choices with me in advance).
The Spark Festival of Electronic Music & Art
February 17 - 22 Schedule @ website

Siren, Ray Lee.
Thu Feb 19 - 7:00 Free
Fri, Feb 20 7:00 or 9:00 - $7 with student I.D.
Sat, Feb 21 2:00, 7:00 or 9:00 - $7 with student I.D.

Group Event - Free. Meet in the Walker Art Center Lobby at 1750 Hennepin Avenue South at 7:30 p.m.
Uncivil Wars: Moving With Brecht & Eisler, David Gordon Pick Up Performance Co (S)
Saturday, March 14, 8:00 p.m.

Solo -
Ape, Gary Stevens.
March 18, 20 & 21 – 8:00 p.m.
$16 with student I.D. or contact Allison Herrera a week prior for possible less expensive tickets (email below).

Solo -
The Success of Failure (or the Failure of Success), Cynthia Hopkins.
April 16, 17 & 18 – 8:00 p.m.
$16 with student I.D. or contact Allison Herrera a week prior for possible less expensive tickets (email below).

Walker Art Center Contact person for possible additional reduced prices on tickets -
Walker Art Center performance schedule website -
Spark Festival website -
Course Blog -

Grade breakdown for Seeing& Blogging - 20% of final grade.
(5 events.=A+, 4 events=A-, 3 events=B, 2 events=C, 1 event=D, 0 events=F).

Please see Course Flow Chart.

There will be several films and videos of performance work shown in this class. Bring a penlight to take notes. NO LAPTOPS ARE ALLOWED DURING SCREENINGS OR PERFORMANCES.

Discussion & Critiques:
IN CLASS DISCUSSION AND CRITIQUE IS REQUIRED AND WILL BE FIGURED INTO THE STUDENTS OVER-ALL GRADE FOR PROJECTS 1-4. Together with making original art works, discussion and critiques are the most important aspect of building a creative practice. RESPECTFUL language that is intended to find a deeper understanding and thoughtful consideration of others is expected. Remember: in an artistic atmosphere of risk-taking it is essential that students feel the freedom to take risks and possibly fail without the fear of public humiliation.

Means taking, stealing or using someone else’s ideas, words, or writing and passing them off as your own. Taking credit for someone else’s work is a form of academic misconduct. For more details, please see

1. All email communications with Prof. Lukkas will be done via STUDENT’S UMN ADDRESS ONLY.
2. Course Blog – (Seeing & Blogging) 20% of grades will be based on students attendance at outside events together with blog entries discussing the events they have seen.

Attendance Policy:
Students are expected to attend all classes and outside events. For the purposes of this class, an excused absence is defined as an unforeseen medical, personal or family emergency documented by the appropriate notification from a medical professional. More than 2 unexcused absences will result in automatic course failure.

Cellular Phone Policy:
Turn off your cell phone before entering class. If your cell rings or you are sending or receiving text messages during class you will be asked to leave. All work due during that period will be given a zero.

Laptop Policy:
Any student wishing to use a laptop during class must see me during office hours to get permission.

Classroom Decorum:
I require hard work, focus and risk-taking in this class. It is not an “easy art class.? You are enrolled in this class because you want the opportunity to work on performance art and installation projects and to learn about these contemporary art practices. I expect all students to take the class seriously. While in class it is expected that your focus is given solely to the class events and discussion at hand.

University Grading Standards:
A? Achievement that is outstanding relative to the level necessary to meet the course requirements.
B: Achievement that is significantly above the level necessary to meet the course requirements.
C: Achievement that meets the course requirements.
D: achievement is worthy of credit even though it does not meet the course requirements.
S: Achievement that is satisfactory and equivalent to a C- or higher.
F/N: Represents failure (no credit) and signifies that the work was either (1) completed but at a level of achievement that was not worthy of credit or (2) was not completed and there was no agreement between the instructor and student that the student would be awarded an “I?.
“I?: Incomplete – assigned at the discretion of the instructor when due to extra-ordinary circumstances. Requires a written agreement between the instructor and the student.
Academic Dishonesty:
Academic dishonesty for any portion of the academic work for a course shall be grounds for awarding a grade of F or N for the entire course.
Disruptive Conduct:
All activities in the University, including this course, are governed by the University of Minnesota Student Conduct Code. Students who engage in behavior that disrupts the learning environment for others may be subject to disciplinary action under the Code. In addition, students responsible for such behavior may be asked to cancel their registration (or have their registration cancelled).