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I looked at the headlines of four different online or print publications. I scanned through some of their pages and just looked for headlines that grabbed my attention.
The first headline I noticed was one from the Star Tribune. The headline was "How bad is Minnesota's budget deficit? Mega Bad." I noticed it because I thought the use of "mega bad" was kind of funny for a headline. It was funny 'cause it sounds like something I would say when I am overexagerating something and it doesn't seem like something that would really be appropriate for a headline. I actually first noticed that headline this morning when I glanced at the Star Tribune and it seemed funny and then I saw it again online and I remembered it from this morning.
The second headline I looked at was from MSNBC. it was, "Who will sit at Energy?" I noticed it because they used a question for the headline which I thought was interesting. The headline from the star tribune used a question too and I had never really thought of using a question before. I had always thought that headlines just summed up very succinctly what was in the article. But I guess if the article itself was asking a question that it would make sense to have a question as a headline.
The third headline was from the NY Times. It was, "A shrine for a friend who made a Starbucks a village." This headline was for a story about a homeless man who had frequented a Starbucks in NYC and everyone loved him and he was recently found dead and the chair he always sat in was turned into kind of a shrine. I noticed this one because I had previously read an article about this story. I new what the story was about from reading the headline because I knew of the story already but I didn't think that someone who wasn't already familiar with it would really understand what the story was about. I also thought it sounded a little clunky.
The final headline I looked at was from the LA Times. It was, "Mystery shrouds chained teenager." I thought this headline was really good because it really grabbed my attention. I really wanted to read the article so I would know who this kid was that was chained and why. I guess that is the point of a really good headline, if it can grab the readers attention and make them read a story they might otherwise skip over.