Process Continued

Below I will share the rest of my process through the show.
That video is the second of two animations I created for this class. It consists of 43 frames.
Once i finished that animation I started looking into different types of flip books to give myself an idea on how mine would look.

Joellyn showed me this flip book when we were talking about the different binding methods i could use for my books.
I also went looking for flip books at barns and noble, but was only able to find some weird children books that had small animations on every page. Below are images of what i am talking about. Those were the only things close to flip books that i could find inside the store.




When i got to barnes and noble the owner of this car was talking to a cop about how she hit this pole.

Once I decided on the dimensions for my flip books I got them printed. I got them done at the school print shop on card stock paper, and then got them cut down to size at UPS.


When i got them back from UPS I put them in order and took them to the school to be bound. The print shop was able to do it for very cheap and i was very pleased with how the final books turned out.


I think that the show went over very smoothly and i was pleased to hear all of the positive feedback. It was really nice to see everyones finished product and how well they all looked together. Celebrating after was not to bad either.

Process catch-up

For my Final piece I have decided to shoot two stop motion animations with my digital camera and then rotoscope over each frame. When they are finished i plan to make them each into flip books.
Each final animation is going to be focused on the moment someone receives bad news. I was inspired to create these animations from a photo series that i have been working on this semester that also centers around this concept. Below i will share most of process of where i am up until this point.
First i created a few images to get a feel for the line quality that i wanted to try for. I created them on photoshop with the use of my tablet and a few photos. A few images I added color, but realized that it would take to much time so i decided to just use black lines on white for my final.
 in car.jpg

Once i had a feel for drawing over the images and decided on my line quality, i made a quick short for practice. It is pretty sloppy but i did it quick, and it really gave me an idea for what i was in for. For this one i used a part of one of the stop motions that i created earlier.

Once i had created that and saw how it looked, I went out and shot my first final animation. There was a total of around 65 images for the first one and i managed to cut that down to 53 for my final. Creating it was simple but it was incredible time consuming. It took me a few solid days work to get the sample done that I showed in class the other week (which i will post below).

Seeing the sample though made me determined to finish though know matter how long it would take. I have shot my second animation but do not have a sample video as of yet to show. I am finally done with my first one and now i just have to focus on getting it printed (which i will post about later). It still amazes me how much time it takes to create animations in this style, much respects to director Richard Linklater.

Work in progress.

Over the past few weeks i have created a couple short stop motion clips for practice for my final piece. I will post them below if i can figure out how.
This is about how far i am on my semester project though. I am sort of at a loss for ideas for my final piece. I was originally thinking about making a short stop motion piece that was shot with my camera and was then digitally painted frame by frame but now i am thinking that it wont be feasible. I still want to do something along those lines, but now i am thinking about making a bunch of stop motion shorts that all deal with the same concept (i just dont know what my concept will be, im open for ideas). I am still thinking i want to make them animated somehow, but with maybe far less detail then i was originally intending. I will try to post an example of what i am talking about soon.




Inspiration for Semester Project


For my next project I am planning on doing a stop motion piece, and the following includes the research and the inspirations that i have found thus far.

I thought that this was a sweet music video, great use of stop motion. Her Morning Elegance, by Oren Lavie

This is one of Krisen Lepore's pieces. I really like the style of her stop motion, although most of her pieces are not as funny as this one. Check out her site

Western Spaghetti is one of many twisted films made by PES. To see more check out his site at

Living organics is a 10 minute stop motion piece that is made up of 18,000 photographs. It was created in 2007 by Kiera L. Faber.

stop motion flip book from Claire Fauché on Vimeo.

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Due Thursday 1-28
10x10 color print

For this project I took a rather simple approach. I used a image of myself and with the use of photoshop and my tablet I created a simple digital painting over the image itself.

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