Analysis: Lead in story about U of M student body found

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By Kelsey Lund

A lead concerning the body of a missing University of Minnesota student found in TCF Bank Stadium in the Star Tribune is an example of a straightforward hard-news lead. It works by giving a summary of the article, while emphasizing the parts that are most newsworthy, including its proximity and impact.

The action of the lead is given right away by saying there was the discovery of a missing body on campus--this important action of the story grabbed my interest right away.

The writer details the who, where and what of the story in the lead. The lead tells the reader the article is about a University of Minnesota student. It specifies this student was missing before being found dead. The lead gives the location of the body as TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. These details are important in giving the basic summary of what happened to maintain the news value of the story.

The details of the lead are also kept general. The name of the student is not given. The exact location the body was found is not specified. Finally, the date the body was found and who found it is not put in the lead. These details are not the most important parts of the story, and so can be told later in the article.

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Kelsey: You're doing a good job with the blog. Keep it up! GG

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