Analysis: Spot and follows on Wisconsin union protests

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By Kelsey Lund

The Wall Street Journal contained stories Thursday and Friday following the protests of public employees concerning Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposed bill lessening the state deficit by removing collective bargaining rights and increasing the costs of pensions and health benefits.

The first story's lead detailed the bill public employees were protesting. The follow story's lead had new information--the fleeing of Democratic lawmakers while employees continued to protest.

The lead in the follow story advanced the story by pushing the newest information, the fleeing lawmakers, to the lead and putting the details of the protests and bill later in the story.

The main news is summarized in different ways in the first-day and second-day story.

The first-day story is shorter, summarizing what the bill means for employees in Wisconsin, with a few quotes from the president, the governor and a union leader.

The follow story is longer, containing both new events and the same older information with more detail. Various lawmakers are quoted in the story. In all, the follow story contains less focus on what the bill means and more on the reaction of citizens and lawmakers to the bill.

There is no response to a competing news organization's report, because no other news organizations are mentioned.

Overall, the two stories contain much of the same information. The follow story just advanced the news by pushing the recent events to the forefront, while still maintaining the facts from the first story.

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