Analysis: Speeches/Meeting in story about FDA pulling unapproved drugs off the market

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By Kelsey Lund

The Los Angeles Times used a press release and telephone conference from the Food and Drug Administration to form its story on Wednesday about the 500 unapproved drugs the FDA pulled off the market for safety reasons.

Although the reporter used a few of the facts and parts of quotes from the FDA press release to inform the article, for the most part he structured his article differently than the press release.

Most of the information was quoted from sources the reporter probably had to seek out himself. He quoted a pharmacist from the American Pharmacists Assn. The reporter also used direct quotes from the conference, instead of quoting the same basic facts provided in the press release.

The reporter chose to form the story his own way, rather than forming it along the lines of the press release. He made it clear that while the FDA deemed the removing of these products necessary for health reasons, any actual negative results from the drugs was unproven--something the press release did not detail.

Overall, the reporter maintained a neutral stance concerning the FDA's actions, and mostly relied on his own reporting to craft the story--choosing to use the press release as background to gather further information directly, possibly to avoid any public relations spin. The reporter chose to go beyond what the press release provided for the story to create a more balanced news report.

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